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We are inspired by the co-housing concept and like to share our thoughts en concepts with u.

Back in the good old days, I’m told, people lived in neighborhoods where they looked out for each other. They had potlucks, kept an eye on each other’s kids, loaned out lawnmowers and cups of sugar. Each home was its family’s castle, but the instinct to participate in a caring community transcended the temptation to isolate in private houses.


Bart Favoreel, Averechts Architecten

Bart Favoreel

P   +32 344 20 54
M  info@te-coop.be

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Eilien Neumann

P   +32 344 20 54
M  info@te-coop.be


Cohousing is a collaborative housing model imported to the United States from Denmark in the 1970s, in which “residents actively participate in the design and operation of their own neighborhoods. The co-housing architecture gives opportunity to add exciting new components, such as meeting rooms, offices and lecture rooms, canopies, bridges and more garden space.

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